GWS – SuperFlow Series

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8 to 10,000 liters for sizes not covered by PressureWave™ and Challenger™ Series
10, 16 and 25 bar pressure rating
Built-in pressure gauge (Models SF100-SF10,000)
ISO : 9001, CE approved

Global Water Solutions’ SuperFlow™ tanks are ideally suited for applications where high-pressure ratings are required. These applications include booster systems, heating expansion and hammer arresting in high-rise and multistory buildings such as hotels, hospitals or business centres.
SuperFlow™ tanks range from 8 to 10,000 litres and are available in 10, 16 and 25 bar pressure ratings which makes GWS one of the
most comprehensive suppliers globally. The interchangeable membrane design of the tanks allows you to replace the membrane
whenever required, and the built-in pressure gauge, starting at tanks of 100 litres size, makes the system-pressure control as easy as possible